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If like me you’re a huge Call of Duty fan that wasn’t entirely convinced by the most recent outing in the series from developer Treyarch, Call of Duty World at War then you’re probably going to be as excited I am that the next game in the series has a spangly new teaser trailer and […]

Not a question you hear every day I’ll grant you so here’s another for you….What do you get when you mix a whole load of sheep, masses of LEDsĀ  and some crazy shepherds with their sheepdogs? Well, along with a giant walking sheep, fireworks and a re-creation of the Mona Lisa, yep……you guessed it… get […]

Ah, the joys of youtube, there you are stumbling along through rickrolls and the like when you come across some crazy Mario fans playing the Super Mario Bros. theme tune. Nothing special you say, there’s lots of videos of people playing video game theme tunes all over the internet. Whilst that’s true, how many of […]

Just a quick update on the Limited Edition Red Xbox 360 bundle due out on March 13th with the release of Resident Evil 5. Thanks to the unboxing video created by Xbox Live’s Director of Programming Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) it has now been confirmed that the red Xbox 360 contains the new Jasper […]

It seems good news and bad news often go hand in hand and the upcoming release of Halo Wars is a perfect example. Whilst I remain unconvinced by real-time strategy games on consoles (I’d much rather be playing them on a PC) it can only be a good thing that the Halo franchise is branching […]